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People spend a good portion of their lives learning. How do the students relate to the teachers? I like the character of eva , because she was the one how shock me most, she can all identify are self in this movie.

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Even after that her students wanted more, they wanted to make a difference, be heard, leave something behind and they soon did. A limited time offer!

I always say if you do not stretch your hand to lift that is not to drop him put his foot to stumble. Eva changed her attitude from protecting her own to doing what is right no matter what. buying an essay sample about myself for college This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience.

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The teacher is the one that makes the difference in the classroom. Little did she know that she would end up with a class that was gang related, and who was divided into groups based on their race. Freedom writers personal response To give the maximum as a teacher.

I am acquainted with Ms. How to Write a Summary of an Article? G's main idea with Anne Frank, he did it without any help. Freedom writers personal response We should always struggle to reach our goals. Gruwell seems like a very enthusiastic teacher and wants to be very involved with her students.

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Opinion from Freedom Writers This movie seenied to me very interesting and impressive it shows you, how a teacher works with a certain a mount of students with social and emotional problems. To get a unique essay Hire Writer. phd dissertation database topics in management in india A teacher is like a sculptor, they mold a personality out of a child like a sculptor creates a beautiful statue out of clay. Had the bravery to fight for which belive. All made of heart.

Every scene in the movie was really inspiring, making me want to read their diary entries. Gruwell turned a group of hoodlums into young mean and young ladies that can now have a bright future. i need help write a compare and contrast essay what can i do She fight for change the style of live and the education of their students.

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Posted by Carl Ruiz at 8: It sparked a transformation in the classroom, compelled them to listen and forced her to take off her idealistic blinders. October 7, My opinion: We can find ways that they may learn and see beyond, to believe in themselves and lift their self esteem.

It takes courage, responsibility and must of all commitment with the future of those in the class because they are the representation of our society. I am like Erin I like to face challenges. Freedom writers personal response In this world it takes many teacher like her. Eva was a student who was reveled and spending time learning that everyone had a problem and started to help the other fellow to life in the whole world has problems no matter which country we have to fight and continue forward to face any situation.

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