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Basic Rules Reference List: Doctors' deep suspicion of what they read in the newspapers and even in the less-carefully edited of the medical journals, helps to explain some of the early skepticism about insulin in countries like Britain: But the sentence structure and order of ideas remains the same and referencing has not been provided for the entire paragraph.

Cover the page and look away. Again, always remember to reference — in-text and end-list. help writing an essay prompts for middle school Once you have completed your quotation, summary or paraphrase, how do you link the ideas of others to your ideas? Multicultural experiences, although initially challenging, enrich lifelong learning Gregson,

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Academic Integrity at Curtin: He's the most realistic of all modern artists, if you admit the feel of the breeze as necessary to a landscape and the smell of oranges as essential to a still life. This next section will examine how you link paraphrases, quotations and summaries to your own ideas smoothly and effectively in your writing. Paraphrasing exercises university This version is much the same as 1, but is an attempt to mislead the reader to believe that the student is honestly citing the original by quoting from the original with a page reference , while the rest of the of the text is largely plagiarised.

This version is acceptable from a plagiarism standpoint, but the passages the student chooses to quote from are not suitable. The activity provided here examines unacceptable and acceptable forms of paraphrasing. Paraphrasing exercises university The present tense makes your argument stronger and more direct, as seen in these examples. Remember WHY you are taking these ideas and information from the original text — to support your main idea — your argument. Some words have been changed, and the last sentence is quoted and acknowledged.

Good paraphrasing shows this understanding! Planning Grant Writing in the Sciences: Why not just use direct quotations?

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This section will help you to get on top of paraphrasing by examining what, why and how to paraphrase. Mind mapping Note-taking Reading skills Exam preparation Critical thinking. thesis defense advice e.g Research has demonstrated that students overuse quotations in their research papers. Next, make little notes on different sections of the extract, stating what each part is doing. But the sentence structure and order of ideas remains the same and referencing has not been provided for the entire paragraph.

Write down just three key words. What remained the same? Newspapers often over-played legitimate news, got their facts wrong, and interfered "in the lives and practices of busy professionals" p. which essay writing service is the best about honesty In this last exercise, did you:

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This tutorial gives a step by step guide on how to paraphrase with lots of examples and practice activities. Paraphrasing is NOT… Just changing words from the original Keeping identical sentence structure Transferring ideas sentence per sentence. Paraphrasing exercises university A summary tells you about the whole passage. Introduction Grant Writing in the Sciences: Doctors became deeply suspicious of what they read in the newspapers and less-carefully edited medical journals, therefore were skeptical about insulin in countries like Britain because it seemed the Americans were "always curing everything" p.

This author is saying something quite different from most others You want to contrast differing viewpoints of authors. Style Graduate Writing Workshops: An extract from your research notes.

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