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My students live on Facebook and they text continually. As a YA Librarian, you often focus on the innovative—new authors, new formats, new genres. cheap custom writing on mugs no minimum Consider the searches a teen might perform on Google or Bing:. The using part would require a much longer letter.

They may have never thought of the library in this context so they will require some help getting started. The positive response fueled their work at school. buy coursework online my account A follow-up to Growing Up Digital: A video that you post on Youtube automatically includes code, so visitors can put that same video within his or her own Web presence.

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They might drive the illustrations that Oberts includes in her prepared booktalks using slideshow software like PowerPoint , deciding where to start and proceed, describing images they bring up and possibly magnify for details, and predicting events. Consequently, app development took longer than was originally expected. But texting I can do all day. She describes the goal of this site as twofold: My challenge—in addition to changing the overall image of the library—was to put together a comprehensive site that students, teachers, and other school library professionals would want to bookmark because of its simplicity and overall usefulness.

Secondly, it publicizes what you do so that parents and administrators are aware of the services you are offering. Heck, there is no box! We are not familiar with it; it is not as fun.

Most agreed that they were not offended if people send text messages while talking to them face-to-face. Create content that gets so much word-of-mouth buzz that teens are flocking to it. The teachers and I have screensavers representing the twenty nominees for our state book awards. Instead the database will come to you when new information pertinent to your search appears. The Web site is built on the WordPress platform which allows for easy updating of content.

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August Go to Archives. He has music on while checking Facebook and sports scores, while watching videos on Youtube , texting, and e-mailing, often all at once. essay writing homework help jobs If access to Facebook , Twitter , and other similar sites is blocked, then how can librarians give teens the full experience and training they need in order to be wise users of these tools? Imagine if you used the same logic with your book collection: They recognize a clear communications dichotomy.

And what about friending parents? Our students discovered some very practical applications for their networks. Glogster works perfectly as a platform to collect these videos in one place. college scholarship essay help on financial need You consider new interactive and engaging communication tools for student projects.

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I wanted it handed to me. Library MUST be everywhere. See technology merely as the latest new offering. I like to watch TV while texting with friends.

Our seniors prefer to keep their school and personal online lives separate, using different platforms depending on their audience. Playing Keep Up with Emerging Technologies. You use digital publishing tools to help students share and celebrate their written and artistic work. He used the list to select one to room with, someone he happened to know from years ago.

It may not be possible to wake up tomorrow, flip a switch, and have technology effectively integrated into every aspect of library services to teens and into every library school teen services syllabus. Hang out with friends. You can also go back to our Copyright-Friendly Pathfinder http: Another student who started a non-profit foundation to end the child sex trade is using the library Web site to promote her cause. Although we never suggested it, the kids began asking for books about these people.

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